Fun-Diggity Funnel-Cake Mix


Cheyenne Brown established Fun-Diggity Funnel-Cakes in 2016. While in college Cheyenne realized funnel-cakes were not easily accessible or affordable within her community. Her childhood love for funnel-cakes sparked her passion to master the taste, texture and presentation of funnel-cakes.

Fun-Diggity has taking the Los Angeles area by storm by providing a funnel-cake experience within the inner city that's affordable and accessible all year long. 

Making great strides Fun-Diggity has been rated 5 stars for funnel-cakes on yelp. Featured in the Los Angeles Times News Paper, Bloomberg, Travel Noire, Yahoo News, Thrillist and more!

Now, four years later in 2020 Cheyenne has established Fun-Diggity Funnel-Cake Mix in order to bring the funnel-cake experience into the homes of families all across the world.